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DHI Annual Report 2019

Going Digital in the new Decade

No longer a ‘what-if’

A message from our CEO

Smarter & Faster Decisions


We’re geared up to power your water decisions and I’m excited to see what our collaborations could bring. Going digital for your business is now a reality.

This is your time…

Antoine Labrosse, CEO

In our Digital Transformation journey

We have crossed the bridge.

We have built a versatile platform to power your water decisions.

We have proven that our technology can bring value to you – and your customers


What about you?

What about you?

Imagine the possibilities

More powerful decision-making

– using reliable data backed by AI technology.

Significantly improved efficiency

– by moving from empirical to scientific evidence.

Easy access to data

– for every type of water environment imaginable.

Boosted innovation

– through our platform which helps you create new products & services.

Your complete Digital transformation

is no longer a ‘what-if’

Reliable data, better decisions

With increased emphasis on digital connectivity, our web-based data and operational services are proving to be valuable in helping clients make better decisions all over the world.

Have an idea?

Ignite it with DHI

It’s your time. Sometimes all it takes is a little push.

If you’re in the water business and are ready to:
  • Automate your operations
  • Make better decisions
  • Expand your products and services
  • Embrace digitalisation completely

Then talk to us!

We will help you take your business further.

Looking ahead in the new decade

2020 marks the start of scaling up our services after harnessing the potential of new technologies in recent years, and we’re excited to see how our platform could help power your water decisions. To get an insight into what else we’ve been busy with in the last year, dive into the DHI Blog, read about our corporate social responsibility activities and see how we performed in 2019.

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I’m writing this introduction, from my Copenhagen home office, in the middle of the first European wave of COVID-19. What can I say or share that makes sense and adds value? Partners and customers surely have other priorities. But this crisis invites us to self-reflection and the first thought that comes to my mind is a positive one: how fortunate we are to work in a field that matters and is resilient. Whether it is water itself or infrastructure related to or exposed to water, the decisions we are facing are as important as ever.

My second thought is about the opportunity for the water industry to come out of the crisis stronger – increasing impact and efficiency while decreasing our carbon footprint. The journey of new ways of working and digitalisation started in 2017 for DHI. Having crossed the halfway point, I am excited that 2020 marks the beginning of a scale-up. You will experience continuous deployment of 24/7 cloud services to power the water decisions you have to make in your business. With the solid platform our people have built and repeatedly tested over time, we are all geared up to be the ignition in your journey to digital success.

My final reflection is about the post COVID-19 world order. After a megacycle dominated by globalisation and finance, we have the opportunity to set a new course. One that is more inclusive, more balanced and more sustainable. A story we can tell our children with some sense of pride. On behalf of DHI, I look forward to engaging with you in the new world.

Antoine Labrosse, CEO